Wednesday, 21 May 2014



The process of creating my research publication has been a really challenging experience. I set myself a lot of crazy ideas and challenged myself in how I could step outside my comfort zone as a designer.

In doing this I feel that I have learnt a lot of lessons that have helped me see where my strengths and weaknesses lie. I have definitely enjoyed using a multitude of different stocks and experimenting with colour a lot more that I have in previous modules which I think had made my book really interesting and different to look at. 

However in regards to time and crafting I think I really let myself down, I have had the struggle as with the rest of mu modules with juggling different briefs which has made me neglect other areas of particular brief which then left me on the day of submission reprinting an binding my book and then messing it up at the final hurdle. This was a very harsh mistake but I have definitely learnt from it as a designer and will now ensure that when I start a project I take the time to practice my final crafting a few times instead of leaving it last minute.

I also wished that I had blogged this brief as I went because I have done so much development and experiments but due to loosing pictures and forgetting to state when I had done them I haven't been able to express this.

In conclusion I have really pushed myself as a designer in this module by trying to step out of what I usually do, I think I have really benefited in doing this as I have learnt a lot from this and it will help me develop as designer and become more organised and more careful when it comes to my work.



After speaking to Lorraine about my research book, she advised me to print out my research book again due to the thinness of my font. Some of the words within the publication were missing.

As detailed in the pictures below I changed my font from Lane - Narrow to Helvetica to ensure that it would be printed out correctly.



Due to me not realising the faults within my book I had to reprint it and bind it on the day of the full module hand in, which left me little to no time to get everything sorted for the submission. I was really annoyed with myself for doing this as this year this something that I have not done before and just left my work down to really bad time management.

Despite me not having a print slot I went to university at 6:45 am and waited outside the print room for drop in to ensure that I could get my book reprinted. Luckily I was able to do this and started to go through the same process of creating my book again.

(soldiering through, on 2hrs sleep!)

Finally I cut out all of my designs and after that the next step was for me to bind my work with the screw biding technique.

I set my book into order and using bull clips and paper I secured my book in place. I attempted to bind my book in the library but due to the thickness of my book I had to go down to wood work and find another alternative.

Luckily Matt helped me make a hole my creating two small A6 wooden boards to put on top of my work and drilled holes into my book for the fastening to fit into.

Unfortunately after reprinting my book and attempting to bind my book, the pin was put a little too far down on my book so that it cut off some of the words in the book and made it hard to read. I was again really annoyed with myself for leaving it so late and I should have made more time to make these rectification's before the submission date.

However I was very happy with my attitude towards doing this I was determined to make sure I handed in a really well crafted book and with a few minor defects overall I was really please with how my book had developed my experimentations with a multitude of stocks.


During this module, I feel that I have chosen something that was relevant to what I want to do in my future practice which is working in music and events orientated design. In doing this I have really enjoyed every element of this brief and it has given me the benefit to explore into a realm of design that I want to do when I graduate.

However during this module I feel I have had a lot of ups and downs in regards to making a vast majority of items for the brief, I felt I really could have excelled a lot more in creating more physical outcomes but due to cost and juggling other modules, my time management skills really lacked and that is where I felt really disappointed with myself and the final outcome of the brief. 

I also think that the presentation of my work for submission really lacked, due to time constraints with working on developing another brief within the module I felt that the presentation of my work fell short. I also printed out old boards and branded guidelines which I felt again ruined the presentation of my work which I will take as lesson and will grow from this as designer and take more care in how I finally present my work.

With these weakness identified, I do think on a more positive note that I have acquired a lot more skills in this practical part of the brief that I initially wanted to experiment with, such as spray painting which is something I have never done before and was something I felt I did really well in. I also edited a created my own promotional video with the help of other online footage, and again this is something that I have never done before, but through research and determination I was able to create a video that I felt look quite professional and represented my brand ethos.

Overall I think this brief has been a good learning curve for me as a designer and is something I will come back to again in level 06 and develop even further into something that I initially wanted to create. With the work I have created I do aim to send over my work to PIN studio for feedback and hopefully a possible placement in the summer.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Survival Kit: Including Branded bottles of sun lotion, toothpaste and mouth wash.

Tickets encased in a sleeve and perforated ends.

Festival Lanyard with full weekend line up and sewn ribbon necklace.

Branded Beer Bottle and Sun Glasses.

 Festival CD


A2 Promotional Posters.

Monday, 19 May 2014


A collection of mockups of the festival website.

A simple branded website using only the essential pages for the festival, due to time constraints I would have liked to have developed this website further.